Click Here For "Importan Guidelines For 2017-18"


1. Please open

2. Go to Login.

3. Login with username & password.
If you have forgotten your username, please click on 'Forgot Username' link on 'Login' page. If you have forgotten your password, please click on 'Forgot Password' link on 'Login' page.
If your username does not appear in username list, send an email to with your college details e.g. Name, Address, Email ID, Courses in college. Your username & password will be sent by email to you. You can also fill in the form available at 'Contact Us' page to get new username.

4. After login, go to left side link 'Admission Details' Form. Fill in the form accurately.

5. Please select branch/course name with number of admissions under each parameter and Click on ‘Add Branch’. Please add branches for 2nd year admissions as well as TFWS admissions apart from regular admissions. You have option to delete the branch added.

6. After adding the courses, you can download an excel file through your login by clicking on the 'Download Excel' link at the bottom of the page. Click on the link provided to download the excel file. After saving the file on your computer, please fill in the details of admitted students as per the parameters available.
If you are copying data from html pages or other files, select 'Paste Special' option from right click & then select Paste as 'Unicode Text'
Then upload the fully filled excel file under upload section. Make sure that you are adding all details as needed for Admission Approval. Don't use any other format as your list will not get properly added. Don't try to edit or modify the format. Keep the cell/space blank if its not Applicable.

7. After uploading is completed, you will be notified by message that how many records have been uploaded. Then click on OK button.

8. Once excel file is uploaded, you can see list of student name whose details have been uploaded by you. If the details added by you are not right or you have confusion about it, please delete the branch in Admission Details form & then repeat the procedure.

9. After uploaded all excel files of all branches, click on Submit button.

10. Please Click on confirm button if all your information is correct. Once Confirmed Institute will not able to upload List of Admitted Students.

11. Institute can get print only after confirmation. The print-out to be signed by Principal/Dean with institute stamp & to be given to ADMISSION REGULATING AUTHORITY, M.S. MUMBAI along with Proposal for Admission Approval for 2017-18 along with the documents mentioned in the print.

12. For technical support, please feel free to send us an email to or call us at 7738927684 .